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Wedding Sign





Locks flowing like a hurried river bend;

Bright kindness shines through the green of his eyes.

Blushed, chapp’d flesh where our two bodies blend;

Ol’ve fingers encompass my waist. Surprise

Catches me as my heart cascades further.

I love you as the flowers love the sun-

An expert of your soul, a connoiss’ur 

Of your being; adoration outdone.

Je T’aime. Ti amo. A world of my love 

For you. Two pieces of a puzzle glu’d

Together, fits like a newly-bought glove.

Infatuation in new amplitudes-

You, my love, teach new warmth and endearment.

Mark my heart with a permanent indent.

Vibrant Dreams


Deepest shades of purple-blue

As the stars dip low

Sunset lights up darkened dunes

(as) Blackened soils flow


Ship and crew back out to sea

All their wares yet sold

Merchant sloops set sails, be free

From ports (both) new and old


(oh) Ancient tree, your branches span

‘Cross the shadowed skies

Still beyond this nightlit land

(your) Roots and flowers lie


Painted blossoms border streams

Petals drift and float

(their) Colors bursting out from dreams

Thay each contest and gloat

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